Today, the rapid rise of both population and production increases the demand for energy in an irresistible manner. In consequence of the fact that fossil resources are unsustainable, the need for solar energy has never been greater. On the other hand, as a result of developments in recent years, the prices of solar energy has decreased rapidly and become competitive with other energy types. The levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) obtained from the sun has dropped to the value of 6-7c$/kWh. This situation increases further interest in solar energy systems. The amount of installed solar energy systems in the world has been rapidly increasing. The majority of these installations are made with the solar panels manufactured in the Far East. In order to compete with the products of the Far East, it is necessary to develop innovative and high performance products.

iTechSolar develops Interdigitated Back Contact Bifacial (IBC-bifacial) solar panels that is not being available in the world market yet. IBC-bifacial solar panels block reflection losses because of no metal contacts on the front surface of the panels. This also increases the efficiency from the panel because of the amount increment of light absorption. Moreover, the glass rear side allows the panel to be used as double-sided (bifacial), so that the amount of the energy produced from the module during a day increases.

IBC-bifacial solar panels produce both more power and energy during the day than a standard solar panel which has the same dimension. Thus, by producing the amount of daily electricity to be used by a house or a workplace in a smaller area, it provides an advantage for consumers who have lack of space.